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Purpose, Vision & Values

Underpinning how we treat each other and how we are governed is our purpose, vision and core values – our oneMRL ethos.

Our organisation is constantly growing and so too is the need to ensure that our workplace environment evolves and fosters positive relationships between our employees, our clients, our trusted partners, and suppliers. As we continue our exciting growth through new sites, new commodities and new service lines, our overall goal is to unlock the full potential of MRL and our talented team of employees.

Our Purpose

To provide innovative and low cost solutions across the mining infrastructure supply chain, by operating with integrity and respect, working in partnership with our clients, our customers, our people and the community.

Our Vision

To be recognised as one of the great Australian companies and a leading provider of innovative and sustainable mining services.

Our Values

One Team

  • The safety and wellbeing of our people is at the forefront of all that we do.
  • We work together to achieve the best results for our people, clients and stakeholders.
  • We care for, respect, and invest in our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

High Performing

  • We achieve exceptional results through a disciplined and professional approach.
  • We plan and take ownership of our areas of responsibility.
  • We always deliver, and that sets us apart.


  • We empower our people to challenge the status quo and actively explore new ideas and opportunities.
  • We look for better ways to mitigate risk, deliver on commitments, and create long term value.
  • We recognise, support and harness the diverse talents of our people and partners.