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An inclusive and inspiring workplace created and maintained by our leaders that enables for high performance. This is our cultural mission.

We know we need to work hard to attract, employ and develop people with exceptional skills who strive to make a difference. We know we are as only as good as the people we hire, and it is our people who shape our culture.

We are well known for our progressive and forward-looking approach to our business and we are applying that same thinking to how we approach our culture. The greatest challenges are not overcome by a single person but, rather, by a powerful and united team and all of our employees play a part in maintaining the aspects of our culture that have led to our success.

Our environment provides employees the freedom to actively explore new ideas and opportunities. It is an environment that fosters high levels of involvement and participation that motives for performance; where people are empowered through engagement, inclusion and respect of their experience.

It is this kind of approach that has enabled our success to date and will ensure that we continue to successfully deliver the results and expectations that we place on ourselves into the future.

We’ve achieved what we have as we are a company that works together as one team to get things done. This is at the heart of what we do and is demonstrated through the way we work, the stories we tell, our management systems, our organisational structures and the behaviours of our people.

As we continue on our cultural journey and as we continue our exciting growth through new sites, new commodities and new service lines, our overall goal is to unlock the full potential of our company and our talented team of employees, ensuring that the core aspects of our culture are shared across the business and reflected in all of our actions.